2017: $22,000
Received Non-Profit 501(c)3 Status
In 2017, we took a big step in taking Friends for the Fight from a community idea to a community organization with its own 501(c)3 status. This means we can give any business or individual tax write off's for any donations made toward our efforts. As of July 2017, Friends for the Fight became a registered non-profit with the IRS. So, give with confidence to help families who are in the fight of their lives. 

3rd Annual Friends for the Fight Cancer Dinner
Building on the success of the previous two years, Friends for the Fight set our sights higher than ever with the 2017 Benefit Dinner. Folk Soul Revival was our musical guests, our silent auction items were incredible, the venue was packed full and through God's grace, we were able to raise $22,000 profit for local cancer patients! This was the most success we have had yet! Thank you to everyone who made it possible.  

2016: $13,000
Fuel for the Fight Gas Card Campaign 
One of the greatest financial burdens for a family battling cancer is the fuel costs to get to the Cancer Center to receive treatments. When a family cannot work because of their illness, something as small as putting $10 or $20 of gas in the car can feel overwhelming. Some patients have to travel long distances. Many come from Wise, VA and Rogersville, TN. In 2016, we were able to raise nearly $2,000 just in gas cards! Thank you so much for helping families who battle cancer in a practical way.

2nd Annual Friends for the Fight Cancer Dinner 
Last year's Fundraiser was incredibly successful. We saw 4 businesses become corporate sponsors, 7 physicians contributed, 7 local businesses gave cash donations, 20 businesses purchased corporate tables and 62 businesses gave toward our silent auction. The result was that we were able to give the Cancer Center's Patient Assistant Fund a profit of $13,000!

2015: $3,500
First annual Friends for the Fight Cancer Benefit Dinner
Our first event with the Cancer Center was a benefit dinner hosted at Meadowview Convention Center in May 2015. Approximately 200 attended the event. We sold t-shirts, had vendor booths, as well as a successful silent auction. Cody Sensabaugh of the Tennessee Titans was our keynote speaker and the Model City Groove School was our musical guest. Together, we raised approximately $3,500 for the Patient Assistance Fund.  

Hope Has A Name DVD 
Raising funds is not the only way we want to help families battling cancer. We also want to provide spiritual strength. Chad Roberts, pastor of Preaching Christ Church, developed a DVD as a free resource to families with cancer. It is an encouraging and hope-filled resource explaining 5 Biblical things cancer cannot do in our lives. We have produced and given away hundreds of these DVD's as a free gift.