Our Story

In the Summer of 2014, we felt the Lord wanted us to begin helping families who were battling cancer. The problem is that we did not know where to begin or who to contact. We found several organizations, but it seemed the main focus was mainly on funding research.

As important as research is, we knew we wanted to help local families who lived in our community. It was important to us to help families with daily, practical needs. While we value research, our hearts were to help with power bills, groceries and gas expenses. After several months of talking with various cancer funding organizations, Carrie Lewis, the events coordinator for Preaching Christ Church, began to call local hospitals to see if we could serve their cancer patients in any way.

This is when we discovered Wellmont's Patient Assistance Fund. We began to learn how the employees of Wellmont give out of their own incomes to help provide practical needs for the patients of their Cancer Institute. The fund helps patients with gas, electric bills, groceries and rent. We were stunned when we learned how great the needs are and how generous the fund is. What also appealed to us is that the money stayed local and helped families in this region. 

When we learned of the incredible efforts of Wellmont employees to give care and compassion to those they are treating, we knew this is what we wanted to get behind and help. As we thought and prayed about what we could do to show support to families with cancer, the name "Friends for the Fight" kept coming to our minds. Our goal is to come alongside of families who are facing cancer and support, encourage and pray with them through the fight of their lives. 

We know 2016 is going to be an exciting year of serving families facing cancer. We hope you will consider joining our efforts because at the end of the day, our aim is to glorify God, encourage people facing cancer and get behind the heroes of Wellmont who are making life a little easier for cancer patients by helping them with power bills, grocery bills and gas bills. We think Kingsport is an amazing community and the Cancer Institute in Allendale is a big reason why our commuity is so special.